• Image of Chuckklez "DEMON SIDE" CD (w/ Free Signed Mini Poster)

01. Intro.
02. Mental Patient
03. Watch Me When I Kill You (prod. by insan0)
04. Keep the Heads and Eat the Rest
05. Its All Fun & Games ft. Heaven & Dark Half
06. Night Terrors ft. Wyzae & Masa
07. A Lullaby from Hell (Dedicated to Hideshi Hino)
08. Psychotic ft. Bilge Kağan
09. Anxiety Attack (My Hit List)
10. Vengeance ft. Heaven (prod. by Psycho Madness)
11. Grave Fetish ft. Dysfunctional & La Vay
12. Dead Angel
13. Life is Only a Vision (outro.)
14. The Ending (Bonus Track)

Mixings by Mo Aniff - Masterings by Dosia Demon

Copyrights 2013 by Chuckklez ©